Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Reintroduction to the Present

So, yes, my last post was the present reaching to a visceral moment in time years past. I don't know if in the present, today, I hold the same impassioned voice that I did when I began writing from the digital semi-anonymous soap box that is this blog, however, I feel a stirring to resurrect conversation as a means to abstract truths for which perhaps I've lost passion.

There's a portion of my more auspicious self that feels like I should pause, tip my hat, and offer a hearty handshake; reintroducing my present self to an audience, likely familiar with a person who has metamorphosed into a new creature, and may find a disconnect from it's reformed author.

First and foremost, I will confess, I no longer live in Utah. Onlymoments ago I thought about changing my profile to accurately describe my life's coordinates on the globe but felt torn because, the majority of this Distinguishing Preoccupation has taken place deep in the heart of Happy Valley.

Yet this new chapter of my life takes place in the city of my birth; deep in the heart of Hipster Valley: Portland, Oregon. Yes, I suppose I should reintroduce myself as a Portlander. In my years away from Portland living in Utah and abroad, I've discovered that Portland, though always a live-and-let-live environment, has transformed itself into a city blending smug elitism, tacky creativity, and all the virtues of bohemia with religious fervor thus making it a hostile environment to those who do not share their same values. Don't mistake my "right" empathy for embrace. Simply put, this city lacks the diversity inclusion it proclaims. One does not have to incorporate diversity to live-and-let-live.

Having said that, Utah, I really miss you. I felt defined by our differences. Swimming against the current made me strong.