Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Again I find myself at the start of another new transition. My summer here is coming to a close and it has been such a blessing. I have regained my goals in life, a new perspective, and I really am happy. Yet despite all of the wonderful things that have happened I need to take a moment and say good bye to this phase.

I've really loved Virginia. I've made some close friends here and learned a lot about myself during these past few months. It is going to be tough to say good bye to something that has been so wonderful.

Last night I spent some quality time with my boyfriend, who I'll call Timo. It was nice just to sit with him and talk. We talked about him receiving his commission in the army and leaving in October and me going back to Utah and everything that we've gained here in the last few months. Timo had broken his ankle during his last Rugby game of the season in April. He would have left right away for the army after graduation in May, but because of the injury it put him back several months.

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